In September 2018, OWI scaled up its semantic engine with the launch of v4. When it comes to AI, major businesses have come to the realisation that after the era of POCs and experimentation, the key question is bringing the technology to scale. The ‘industrial’ version of OWI offers the solution to three of the main challenges.

    Processing time is 20 times faster and infrastructure requirements have been cut by 20%. Now, for example, our engine can analyse a 5-minute telephone conversation in just 3 seconds. Moreover, OWI.MAIL is used by every branch of one of the biggest banks, handling 1 million emails each month.
    GDPR compliance, cybersecurity defence, access monitoring, automatic purging and archiving, encryption, SSO… Our clients expect only the very best and that is why they choose our solutions with ease.
    Automatic installations as well as automatic purges minimise the amount of data produced through machine language learning and ensure long-term stability.

In other words, we listen to what IT managers have been telling us.

We would like to thank our major clients and key partners who have supported us throughout this transformation by using and leveraging our solutions: Atos Worldline, Orange Application for Business, EDF, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance and Natixis. Thanks to their help, OWI is now able to provide answers to the problems faced by even the largest IT departments.

We have maintained our competitive advantage both in terms of semantic performance and implementation time.

But that’s not the end of it: in September, version 5 of OWI will not only make our clients independent and put the power of semantics in their hands, but also serve as a major commercial boost for our partners as they expand into the IA sector.