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1 month to adapt the engine to your context

Hundreds of millions of messages have trained our technology! 

You choose : 

  • Your sector of activity 
  • The languages that interest you 
  • The functionalities necessary for your use case 

In a few weeks, and thanks to UTML* technology, OWI will complete its training to obtain reliability > 95%** 

* UTML : User-to-Machine-Learning

** Contractual guarantee

Packages tailored to your business

Implementing a conversational AI solution can be complex and demanding in terms of data and workload on the part of the business. 

At OWI, we provide you with a catalog of packages that brings together the essentials of your needs. 

All of these packages are free. Choose what you need and customize them quickly with UTML*. 

Your data is protected

Because the semantic engine is based on two distinct artificial intelligences:

  1. No. 1: Linguistic AI: This intelligence is purely linguistic and depends solely on the language. It has already been trained on large volumes of data.

  2. No. 2: Context-specific AI: This intelligence is dedicated to the peculiarities of your specific context. It requires only a small amount of training data (between 1,000 and 10,000 messages).

  • Total data protection
  • Learning speed 100 times faster than other technologies, enabling quick project implementation
  • Contractually guaranteed reliability that continuously improves over time

SaaS? Each environment is isolated, dedicated to a single client, and compliant with the most stringent security standards.

On-premise? The solution can be installed with just a few clicks, and we guarantee the same level of quality.

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