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85% of customer-brand interactions will involve the use of chatbots in 2022.* 

 69% of customers prefer intelligent chatbots to human exchange for their speed.** 

 74% of customers want to have a conversation with a human for more complex requests. 

*Gartner (2018) quote in Building the AI-powered customer
center of the future by Customer Think (June 2018)
**Ubisend – Chatbot Survey (2017)

Choose OWI.Chatbot

OWI provides you with a chatbot equipped with the most innovative technology in the market.

  • Reduction of incoming emails to free up advisors from low-value tasks
  • Improved dispatch of interactions for a multi-channel customer relationship
  • Increased customer satisfaction through immediate responses
  • Cost optimization

Improve the customer experience and assist the advisors

  • Real-time assistance for both the customer and the advisor
  • Automatic responses for simple requests
  • Routing to another channel or to an advisor for complex inquiries
  • Precise request clarification through questioning
  • Sending links or documentation
  • Integration with the Informations system for personalization
  • Execution of simple management tasks

The next generation chatbot

  • Easy to reach: website, mobile app, voice and text interfaces
  • Collaborative: integrated into the IT system, used by advisors
  • Managed: directly administered by the business, providing reporting on its own effectiveness
  • Scalable: self-learning and capable of integrating new requirements
  • Brand ambassador

Pilot and continuously improve

With our Supervision and Reporting system, you can easily monitor your metrics through clear and precise dashboards.

Our tool utilizes advanced Machine Learning techniques to identify the root causes of customer dissatisfaction or complaints, as well as their “invisible” expectations.

With our solution, you can improve the quality of your customer service, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

Evaluate your ROI, secure your project

Before becoming the number one, we have learned a lot from all our pilots and have developed this approach that eliminates risks and optimizes return on investment.

Faites de votre chatbot un point fort de votre relation client avec OWI.Chatbot

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