Increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
OWI.Mail, frees your agents from repetitive tasks

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The Best Mailbot

With a language understanding perfectly tailored to the email channel, OWI offers you a complete and modular solution:
– Ready-to-use business packages
– Short project timelines (e.g., 5 weeks for production deployment at the Ministère de l’Intérieur)
– Return on investment within 6 months (e.g., cutting email handling time in half at EDF)

OWI is committed to providing the best language understanding with a contractually guaranteed reliability of 95%, ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Optimize email management by combining efficiency and quality.

Thanks to the dual AI, linguistic and domain-specific, low-value tasks are handled automatically, resulting in a significant cost reduction (ranging from 30% to 200% according to our clients’ measurements).

OWI.Mail provides differentiated management of requests by detecting risks and opportunities and assigning emails to the most appropriate expertise.

Its intelligent knowledge base provides immediate assistance to advisors. As it is self-learning, it also enables a gradual increase in automation levels.

Maximise agent effectiveness

With OWI, your advisors can focus on customer interactions and provide personalized, high-quality service.

OWI automatically handles simple requests.

OWI provides advisors with complete requests and pre-written messages to facilitate responding to inquiries.

With alerts, useful links, and automatic pre-filling, advisors can process requests faster and more accurately.

Improve the customer journey

Available 24/7, our platform delivers a consistent experience with every customer interaction. 

When the Mailbot is coupled with the Smartform, gathering additional information is facilitated.

OWI sends personalized links via email or SMS, allowing customers to submit all the necessary documents for processing their requests.

It detects risks and opportunities, and prioritises requests intelligently based on importance by analysing natural language.

Monitor and continuously improve their experiences

With our Supervision and Reporting system, your admin teams can easily monitor key metrics on clear and precise dashboards.

Our tool utilizes advanced Machine Learning techniques to identify the root causes of customer dissatisfaction or complaints, as well as their “invisible” expectations.

With our solution, you can improve the quality of your customer service, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

OWI is already integrated into your solutions.

Integration with your messaging system is simplified

OWI is already integrated with Microsoft Exchange and other platforms...

Integration with your Information System is simplified

Our universal API connector enables easy access to your customer knowledge in just a few days

Make the email channel a strong point of your customer relationship. Free your advisors and offer your customers an optimal experience thanks to OWI.Mail

Free your support team and provide quick and accurate responses to your customers with our 24/7 available Mailbot