Turn natural language into business data wherever you need it​​?

If AI is at the heart of YOUR strategy, 

If the integration of natural language into YOUR processes is a matter for specialists, 

If YOU have internal teams dedicated to NLP, motivated to take on this responsibility, 

Then OWI.Engine is made for YOU. 

OWI.Engine is available both in Cloud and on premise, usable by web service or via an API directly integrated into your code. 

OWI.Engine is open source. 


A revolutionary "NLP Pipe"

  • A breakthrough innovation: semantic indexing

  • 2 incremental semantic innovations:

  • Tokenization with spelling tolerance and phonetic processing

  • Categorization that incorporates linguistic and S.I. metadata.


  • A dual ML approach

    •  Linguistics to discover, in real time, new meanings

    • Business to continuously improve the ability to find YOUR data in YOUR messages

  • A community that constantly enriches business data. Thanks to the Transfer of Learning, you benefit for free from the results obtained by our contributing clients

What does OWI.Engine exactly produce?

Entrance :

  • The message (sender, recipient, subject, text) and optional metadata
  • Selected analysis plan
  • Mode and format of the expected results.

Output :

  • The text analyzed after spelling correction and the list of tokens (with scores) 
  • Data extracted from the text (customer identifiers, formats, etc.) 
  • Categorized concepts, each with a score and its position in the message, either in “list” format or in “tree” format 

Why choose OWI.Engine

OWI contractually guarantees a reliability rate of 95%

You benefit from learning transfers

OWI machine learning is connected in your Information system and 100% explainable

Your data is protected

Our code is open source

Our solution is completely free for testing, integration, projects

Become an OWI.Engine pilot

We have designed a skill-building journey based on your needs:

  • Online trial: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) to measure reliability: 1 to 2 days
  • In the context of a project and with our support, Training to master the engine: 3 days

Our experts and the OWI community are available to accompany you and answer your questions.

The best way to get an opinion is to check

  • You can either download and install, or login to our online services
  • All features are available except learning transfers (on demand)
  • All connectors are free, and our code is open source 
  • Our business packages are free: you configure your use case, with limited volumes (freemium) 
  • The use of the OWI.Engine engine remains free until you go into production 
  • All you have to do is activate a license for your solution to become operational 
  • All our documentation is online on our website 
  • Support: All our experts are available to support and guide you 
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