Cut your incoming emails in half

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69% of consumers try to solve their problem on their own first, but less than 1/3 of companies offer self-help options

Transform your contact forms into smart assistants for your customers!
Instead of giving the impression of a closed door, it will provide a true sense of addressing their needs.

Natural language and fluent communication


OWI.Smartform understands the deep meaning of requests and identifies risks and opportunities.

With its advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, it accurately assesses its ability to truly assist the customer:

  • When it doesn’t know the answer or is unsure of its understanding, it transfers to an advisor.
  • Its self-learning knowledge base (Machine Learning) ensures continuous improvement in the quality of responses.

Reinforce the synergy of your advisors with your customers: OWI.Smartform makes the process more fluid

  • Instant responses for simple requests
  • Real-time analysis of documents and supporting documents
  • Natural language assistance
  • Verification of the completeness of each request
  • Assignment, if necessary, to the competent advisor and preparation of his work
  • Automation of low value-added tasks (supply of your Information System, etc.)
The OWI smart form is deployed on our various websites and handles 100% of written requests.
The relevant department receives all the necessary information directly from the customer.
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The simplest of projects for the highest return on investment

  • Without changing anything in your organization and your processes,
  • Without even changing your website or your request management tools,
  • Your customers will spontaneously turn to this new service available to them,
  • You will cut your incoming email volume in half,
  • Your advisors will be able to focus on complete and well-structured applications,

Implementation – between 1 to 2 months

How does OWI.Smartform process the request?

Transform your contact forms into a real lever for customer satisfaction!

Free up your team and offer a fast and accurate response to your customers.