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Thanks to innovation in natural language processing (NLP), our clients measure returns on investment ranging from 30% to 200%.

The futur of customer relationship is Interactive and Conversationnal IA

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Simplify communication with your customers through conversational AI

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Optimize your customer service with our conversational bots

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Increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • Optimize email management by combining efficiency and quality
  • Maximize advisor effectiveness
  • Improve the customer journey – Owi.mail responds immediately to simple requests from your customers
  • Monitor and continuously improve the quality of responses
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Revolutionize customer service

  • Reachable 24/7, even during peak demand load 
  • Understands your customers in natural language 
  • Accepts and qualifies calls 
  • Automatically processes simple requests 
  • Assists the customer with self-care 
  • Assigns complex requests to the right advisor 
  • When necessary – switches the client to a Smartform
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Halves the number of incoming emails

  • Automatically processes simple requests
  • Analyzes attachments in real time 
  • Assists the user to ensure their request is complete 
  • Assigns complex requests to the right advisor, eliminating low value-added tasks 
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Assist your clients and agents

  • Ergonomic, customizable and easy to implement 
  • Easy to connect to your S.I. 
  • Sorts requests by importance and selects the appropriate customer relationship channel to respond (live chat, telephone, appointment) 
  • Transfer to competent agent, or deploy a self-care tool 
  • Assists your agents’ operations to serve customers with self-care tools 
  • Also available for internal use by your agents

Hear from our customers …

Natixis Assurances : Dominique Rémy

The advantage of this solution compared to others on the market is its self-learning capability. Although there was a substantial investment, the productivity gain has proven to be significant, with over 200,000 emails already managed using this tool. Additionally, there has been a 30% reduction in the volume of emails to be processed, thanks to improved email identification and assignment to the appropriate service. Moreover, this solution leverages computing power to enhance efficiency and relieve managers from the repetitive task of task distribution.


The automated processing and routing of emails have enabled us to reduce response times while saving valuable time for our managers by eliminating non-value-added tasks. It also facilitates better management of email processing activities and enables the generation of regulatory statistics.


OWI.Opinion allows us to analyze the emails received from our 3.7 million policyholders in near-real-time through dashboards. For example, we identified that 15% of the requests were related to follow-ups. This resulted in:
- Significant dissatisfaction among policyholders.
- Increased processing costs: 15% of incoming emails should not have existed.
Taking these factors into account, we reviewed our email processing procedures, which led to improvements in the service quality of our platforms and a 3% decrease in the follow-up rate.

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30 à 200%
Cost control

These are the ROIs measured by our customers

Improved customer experience

A service without an agent does not mean less quality. OWI is constantly learning to improve your customers’ experience.

100% optimization
Differentiated management of requests

Don’t miss out on risks and opportunities.
Deploy your agents where they add the most value. 
Automate the rest.

Guaranteed Reliability Rate

It’s not just a technical feat. It’s the key to your automation.

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