Focus on your need, and simply configure your solution​


Whether it’s for mailbot, chatbot, callbot, or any other use case, OWI.Platform offers all the necessary features and easily integrates into your information system.

Hundreds of millions of messages from YOUR customers have trained our technology. We have organized this learning into industry-specific verticals (e.g., property and casualty claims, supplementary health insurance, retail banking).

For each of your use cases, you can choose the features, languages, and industry sector that best suit your needs.

Focus on your core business while OWI takes care of the rest.

One of the major problems with machine learning is that it is not connected to the business: for most offers, it is very difficult to feed machine learning with useful data.

At OWI, we have developed a technology that connects to the choices and interactions of your agents and your customers, and can transform them into data directly usable by our machine learning algorithms.

As a result, within a few days, OWI.Platform learns the intricacies of your business and continuously brings improvements to your service quality.

Implement your “best of breed”

Activate and pay only for what brings you value.

2 examples among others:

  • Implementation of the complete solution for written communication processing in a large semi-public company.
  • Integration at the core of complex processes in an insurance Informations system.

Benefit from the “best of breed”

At OWI, we bring you the highest reliability for understanding your customers’ language. We contractually commit to a reliability rate of over 95%. 

To transform this technology into value for you, we have focused our remaining investments on mastering the best complementary technologies you need and integrating them in a modular way, both for YOUR use cases and for the overall artificial intelligence of our solution. 

We continue to invest and amplify these efforts to continually enrich our solution with the best market innovations. 

OWI.Platform: only pay for what you use