Transforming Car Insurance Claims with OWI.Mail AI


Every year, this specialist in car insurance claims receives around 100,000 emails regarding claims for French vehicles occurring inside or outside of France. The emails may or may not have attached documents and are written mostly in French but also in other languages They are analyzed manually to integrate them into the management tool or send a reply.
4 people used to work full time on this manual sorting The new solution frees up their time so that they can now do higher value activities.


  • Increase in the number of emails
  • Greater service quality required
  • Need to reassign part of the team to higher value tasks


  • Business-oriented approach with short stages
  • Tangible and immediately operational solution
  • Team familiar with client expectations


  • In a global approach and with strong support from OWI
  • 1st month: evaluation and experimentation
  • Go/No go based on measured results
  • 2 months from project to go live


  • Shorter timeframes
  • Taking account of priorities
  • From the first day of the service’s opening, reassignment of a proportion of agents to value added tasks


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