We’re Proud of Our Teams

all motivated by our shared project at OWI.

We have 2 founders, 15 project managers, 16 R&D engineers, 4 salespeople and 3 support staff… and they come from 12 different countries.

Together, we create a multicultural team with diverse backgrounds and outlooks.

Discover in more detail below the different roles on our team.

Our Roles

Giselle and Landry, a Dazzling Duo

Giselle and Landry are both project managers and regularly work together on the same projects. They tell us how they arrived at OWI and what they do here.

Landry started in 2016. Before arriving at OWI…


‘After my high school diploma, I went to the Polytechnic School at the University of Kinshasa. In 2009, I decided to move to France, and I lived in Brittany where I got a master’s degree in electronics and telecommunications at the University of Western Brittany. I did a second master’s degree in management at IAE so that I could become a project manager. I was hired by EDF for some change management, and then I arrived at OWI. I really wanted to work in artificial intelligence; it really interests me! I’ve been at OWI for two years now.’

One year after Landry, Giselle joined the OWI team. She knows a lot about applying artificial intelligence to semantics:


‘I attended ISIT, a school with a university programme for translation and communication. I specialised in French, English and Spanish. I did my final work term and a short term contract at a company that provided automatic text generation. I discovered how to apply artificial intelligence to semantics, and I loved how the two topics collided. It’s why I decided to apply to OWI two years later. I was really seduced by the idea of configuring a new technology. I started my first project at OWI with Landry – about a year ago!’

Giselle and Landry, can you tell us what a project manager at OWI does?


‘A project manager’s main role is to help the client in the digital transformation of their client relations process. On our team, we need to find out what our clients’ needs are and analyse them, identify specific features, configure the solution with business teams and create user guides. We also play an important advisory role for our clients.’


‘On a day-to-day basis, we manage semantics projects. Our clients have messages (emails, telephone conversations or other interactions) and our objective is to use the content of these messages to make their life easier.’


What do you like at OWI? What motivates you?



‘The challenge! Technology is, by definition, meant to evolve. It needs to be tested constantly to make it better. When you’ve spent hours testing, configuring, correcting bugs and you see that what you originally imagined finally works, it’s the best! It really feels like we’ve outdone ourselves. Apart from that, I really like the team at OWI. We’re a human size, and we’re from all kinds of different cultures. Working with people from different places means that we all have to adapt, and see things through a wider lens, both professionally and personally.’


‘OWI is really like a family. I’ve met so many great people and have come such a long way in the time I’ve been here. Like Gisèle says, we have to change professionally and personally, and it’s always positive. With my adventurous spirit, I can tell you that the journey hasn’t disappointed. Here, you have to want to go further, you have to like challenges, and you end up realising that in a short space of time you’ve developed new skills. I, for example, didn’t know MySQL, and learned it here!’


‘It’s true! I knew nothing about the banking and insurance sector. That didn’t prevent me from working for our key accounts, who have also taught me a lot.’

The DEVOPS Team has their say!

Tigran, Jade and Josselin are on OWI’s DEVOPS team. They tell us what their experience has been like and how they work together.

With industrialisation comes ‘DEVOPS’.

This little word is a contraction of two bigger words, ‘developers’ and ‘operational’, and has been used for several years in the programming world. A DEVOPS approach requires close collaboration between development and operations teams in order to create, test and roll out a solution quickly and effectively. Agility is key.

Together, Tigran, Jade and Josselin share three objectives:

• Reduce the amount of time required before launching for clients
• Improve the management of launches and our solution’s stability
• Provide better service for users

To meet these objectives, they put into place Devops tools that help to assign and improve their work: GitLab, SonarQube, Jenkins, Nagios… They add to the list regularly!

Continuous development of OWI processes makes it possible to take our agility to our users.



At OWI, it’s impossible to talk about Devops without introducing you to our team: Tigran is Operations Manager at OWI, and Jade and Josselin are R&D engineers, doing their DEV part.



Tigran has been working at OWI for two years. He started as a digital project manager, and joined a complex project that required an agile working method at every stage of development.

 ‘The project pushed me to move beyond my skills to find solutions,’

Since then, he has become Operations Manager and the guardian of rolling out and monitoring our solutions.

‘What I like most about the Devops approach is all the discussion and communication that takes place.’




Jade joined our teams in 2018 as an R&D engineer. She is working on the new version for installing OWI, which will only take a few clicks.

‘It’s a real challenge. And I need the whole team to make it work. Our discussions during R&D stand-up meetings are essential.’




Josselin is our latest addition! Freshly graduated from Epitech, he worked on the Devops approach for his final year’s thesis. At OWI, he manages the implementation of automatic tests.

‘I like working on automating processes and helping to contribute to improving productivity. I feel useful. With a Devops approach, results are virtually immediate. It’s motivating for the whole team.’


Our Devops approach improves with each new version. Our V5 includes a very ‘Devops’ feature: all tests will be automated and industrialised.

Rémi talks about his experience at OWI

Rémi Guillou, Sales Manager, just celebrated his 4th anniversary at OWI. He tells us about his background and what motivates him today.



I studied literature at university. I chose to move into sales because I like talking, arguing and persuading. I worked in sales in New York for a button and buckle supplier to big fashion houses. I was also a headhunter in Zurich and then came back to France where I spent a lot of time politically engaged.

Someone I trust told me about OWI’s job advertisement. I was looking for a company with smart positioning and where I could influence the activity. OWI’s concept and human size immediately seduced me.




First of all, the technological positioning and method that we have. We respect the real complexity there is in human intelligence, and we aren’t trying to replace it with algorithms. We work with the field, we try to understand what is specific about each job, especially with customer advisors. Our solutions help them be more efficient and potentially more satisfied by automating repetitive tasks so that they can spend their time on more interesting tasks.

We are in a leading sector. We undertake rare and innovative projects in a really unique way. We’re here to create new paths, and that’s what I like.

I also like being at the intersection of philosophy and math. Working on language requires referring to literature and philosophy. We need to understand what the language means, what it means to express ourselves, the play of words between themselves. It’s captivating!



Without a doubt, its evolution. In four years, I’ve seen OWI grow in a remarkable way. How we present and position ourselves with clients has achieved a level of maturity that I’m really proud of. Our project rollout method is proven. We have won a number of victories against big competitors and innovative enterprises.



The technology that we develop can help to enrich our relations with each other. It identifies those topics that require human attention so that they are handled efficiently. And it’s as a part of this dynamic that as a software publisher, user company or client, we must choose a better working relationship.

Revealing talents in digital transformation:
Jessica and Marie-Victoire discuss their experience

Jessica and Marie-Victoire, Project Directors at OWI, need the right skills to help our clients and make our solutions useful for key accounts. They recruit and support digital project managers, helping them play an important role in large companies’ digital transformation.

Jessica and Marie-Victoire, how do you help project managers develop skills?

Marie-Victoire :

‘The first weeks as a project manager are very important. We have our own technology, which really motivates new team members. We always try to make the initial training, which is very specific, both comprehensive and accessible so that the project manager very quickly feels operational.’

Jessica Keraudren :

‘Training for our approach is key. At OWI, we mostly work with industry-specific teams. We are here to understand their process and what is particular to their context, and help them change. The project manager has to be the main player in this transformation, by making our solutions useful to each industry.’

More than their role and their initial training, project managers’ soft skills and background make a big difference to how successful they will be at OWI.

At OWI, training is an important part of building skills. Project managers work on several projects to become familiar with our different products. We value team work and all collaborative tools that make communication and ongoing training easier.

‘I think we have developed specific expertise in improving our teams’ skills. For example, a junior project manager, after just a few months at OWI, became our go-to person for Dashboards for the whole project team!’


Project Director

Their Mission: Understand industry needs to provide, configure and implement a useful solution that fosters digital transformation

Key Skills: Project management and an ability to understand new technologies

Soft Skills: Openness, a taste for challenge, results-oriented

Have you met Nadjet?

Nadjet is our R&D Product Manager.

Enthusiastic about her work, she tells us how she got to OWI and what she does here.

Nadjet, what did you do before arriving at OWI?


I got my high school diploma in Algeria when I was 16 years old, and then I studied to be a computer scientist. At 21, I decided to move to France to do a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Paris at Orsay. Then I moved to a computer science school called Supélec to write my thesis. I also taught computer programming and modelling there for three years. In 2011, I started working for OWI as an R&D engineer. My skills have grown and I’ve moved from backend to full stack. Today, I’m the R&D Product Manager and I manage engineers in our R&D service.



As the R&D Product Manager, I have to create on my own or steer the design and development of our solutions. I manage engineers, and I am also highly involved in development. I like working on something that is tangible. It’s essential to continue coding to be able to fully master our products.



Before being a company, OWI has always been a vision, that of the two founders to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to client relations. What energises me is the belief in our technology. It’s different. It’s rich, and makes us work with very different tools and computing languages. Right now we’re using Angular, micro services, Elastic Search, etc. I like being here to make our technology accessible and useful for our clients. I also really like the human aspect, and the great work environment that we have at OWI. We’re like a family. A family with a few snags and some hurdles, but everything is real here. There’s no hypocrisy. I discovered what it’s like to go beyond myself: at OWI I found out I have skills that I wasn’t even aware of, and I developed others! The trust the founders place in us makes it possible to follow our passion and develop skill sets that we didn’t have when we got here.



Seven years is nothing! I’m still having fun and progressing. I’ve been lucky to take part in OWI’s development and growth – it’s an amazing adventure. I knew OWI when it didn’t have any clients, I was here for our first victories, I’ve come through rough times and challenges. Today, we’re finishing our industrialisation phase, and I’m excited by our next goal: selling internationally!