Free up your advisors’ time:
Remove their low added value tasks

In 2011, 66% of customers went to their bank branch at least once a month. In 2016, it was only 17% of customers *

At the same time, le canal is continuing its growth: 269 billion emails in 2017. and  333.2 billion** in 2022

*  IFOP study for the French Banking Federation
**Radicati Group, February 2019

Make Email a Strong Part of Your Customer Relations

With OWI’s mailbot, you optimise your email management

Control Your Costs
Our AI relieves you of all low added value tasks

Improve the Quality of Your Answers
The machine learning knowledge base automatically suggests the best possible answer

Manage the Different Queries
OWI.Mail automatically detects risks and opportunities and assigns the email to the best possible skill

Digital Transformation
Advisors have help in taking charge of digital channels



OWI.Mail optimises the customer email channel through to the IS

Automated Routing and Responses

Improved Client Journey
Intelligent forms, detects risks and opportunities, prioritises

Advisor Assistance
Answer assistance, alerts, useful links, automatic prefilling of fields

Feeds IS
(RPA, GED workflow)

Continuous Steering and Improvement
(Supervision and reporting, machine learning…)

projet IA réusite mailbot

The Leading Mailbot

OWI.Mail has been designed for key accounts

  • We commit to 95% reliability
  • Easy integration into your IS
  • Among the best operating standards
  • Supervised and administered directly by business teams
Key account in progress
100 millions
of mails handled per year
specialized consultants on OWI.Mail

Calculate Your ROI, Secure Your Project

Before becoming No. 1, we learned a lot from all of our pilots. We created the approach below that eliminates all risks and optimises the return on investment

they trust us

Case studies

Customer case

Greater service quality required

Strengthen service quality and reassign teams to higher added value tasks


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Customer case

Redevelopment of secure messaging system

Improve the quality of your customer relations on email, and make digital…

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