85% of customer and brand interactions will involve a chatbot by 2022.*

69% of customers prefer smart chatbots to speaking with a person when they have a quick question.**

74% of customers want to speak to a person for queries that are more complex.

*Gartner (2018) quoted in ‘Building the AI-Powered
Customer Center of the Future’ by Customer Think (June 2018))
**Ubisend – Chatbot Survey (2017)

Choose OWI.Chatbot

With OWI’s chatbot, you have the most innovative technology on the market.

  • Reduces the amount of incoming email, freeing advisors from low added value tasks
  • Routes interactions better for multi-channel client relations
  • Increases client satisfaction thanks to immediate answers
  • Optimises costs


  • Real-time assistance for both the customer and the advisor
  • Automatic responses for simple queries
  • Routes to another channel or to an advisor for complex queries
  • Procedure to qualify a query using questions
  • Sends a link or documentation
  • Connects to IS for personalisation
  • Performs simple management tasks
  • Réalisation d’actes de gestion simples

The New Generation Chatbot

  • Easy to reach: web site, mobile app, object – vocal and written
  • Collaborative: integrated into your IS, used by advisors
  • Managed: directly administered by the business team, and reports on its own effectiveness
  • Dynamic: machine learning, able to integrate new needs
  • An ambassador for your brand

Calculate Your ROI, Secure Your Project

Before becoming N°1, we learned a lot from all of our pilots. We created the approach below that eliminates all risks and optimises the return on investment.

Case studies

Customer case

Automate low added-value and time-consuming tasks

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