If 90% of companies think that enriching and leveraging client data is a major issue, only 9% of them say they have a high level of knowledge about their customers.

Choose Multichannel Analysis

OWI.Analytics makes it possible for you to have a complete and visual view, with figures, of your clients’ voice, whatever the channel. With our dashboard, your can uncover the underlying reasons for dissatisfaction or claims, and even customers’ specific and ‘invisible’ expectations.


  • Detailed analysis in real time of customer comments
  • Immediate, interactive findings
  • All energies unite around the clients’ voice
  • Discover new sales opportunities


  • Analyse emotions
  • Measure tone
  • Intuitive, dynamic and scalable dashboards
  • Interactive  visualisation: drill down, drag & drop, zoom, etc.
  • Cross reference analyses
  • Manage and personalise indicators
  • Personalise reports
analytics projet IA


  • Handles customer comments in several languages
  • Intuitive and dynamic to use
  • Easy to adapt dashboards to your context and issues
  • Quick implementation

With Dashboards, Know Your Customers Better…

…and Get the Best Results