Language Discovery, so that Your IS Talks Directly to Your Clients

To make any barrier that is between your IS, customer advisors and clients disappear, three key points:

–> The market’s most powerful semantic technology, for optimal understanding whatever the communication channel

–> Connectors that make it possible to bring the value of this understanding to where it’s most useful – in your IS

–> Customized administration by business teams, facilitated by machine learning

At the Heart of the Solution, a Natural Language Comprehension Engine

Neuro-Mimetic Process
The result of work that combines cognitive science, epistemology and linguistics, and drawing on the latest progress in deep learning, OWI is the only engine that understands language like a human being, and automatically learns the language that it’s working with.

Semantic Indexing
Without any human intervention, the OWI engine produces all information present in messages.

Concepts and Intentions: 95% Reliability
Helped by the engine, our teams develop packaged configurations that are adapted to each activity.

Learning Supervised by Business Teams
The information that comes out of using the solution is associated with specific semantic indices. They feed the machine learning algorithms.

A Powerful and Intuitive Rule Engine that Business Teams can Exploit

Equip Existing Processes
OWI aims first to improve your company’s current operations and eliminate all low added-value tasks.

Harness Message Content
You use what the semantic engine produces to improve your operations.

Clean, Extract, Calculate, Automate
These are the tangible functions that you can leverage.

Administration Console
Developed so that business teams truly take over. It provides direction in terms of improvements that can be made.


Mail, Chatbot, Live Chat, Telephone
OWI takes into account what is specific to each channel, and provides in real time all useful information to your advisors, or directly to your customers (chatbot).

All Types of Content
Documents, videos, personalised texts, reminders, useful links… Make OWI a true assistant to your advisors, and help them to provide better service to your customers.

To provide a maximum number of features and simple implementation, we have our own screens. For seamless integration, all features are available in our micro-services.

Supervised Machine Learning
OWI captures how advisors and customers actually use its processes, and automatically improves its own efficiency. Business team administrators can check and correct OWI’s learning if necessary.


For applications that handle and analyse vocal commands, the OST connector (OWI Speech-to-Text) generates transcriptions of recordings or voice streams using the solution from our long-standing partner, Nuance, which is reliable, multilingual and fast. It’s also possible to connect to third-party solutions. Transcriptions are then improved and handled by OWI’s technological core.

OCR for Reading Documents
OWI solutions include optical character recognition (OCR) features that are able to handle all common file types to produce the data that is then integrated into handling your operations. For its professional mode, OWI draws on Tika-Tesseract. For its advanced mode, Abby and Omnipage provide the best level in the world.

Emails: Outlook and Exchange
The ready-to-use OWI connector for Outlook Exchange monitors all Outlook Exchange systems and provides all OWI.Mail features: routing, categorising, prioritising, automated responses, and, with the Outlook plugin, answer assistance.

WL Contact
OWI is integrated and in production in WL Contact, its partner Worldline’s omni-channel contact centre solution. Hosted on Worldline’s secure infrastructures, OWI is the semantic engine that improves handling of email, live chat, chatbot and telephone channels.


Native Integration in Outlook and Exchange
Available in Azure, OWI is Microsoft’s artificial intelligence partner solution for email.

API Analysis
Whatever the flow (email, telephone, chat…), our web service provides all information useful to your process. We also offer a chatbot with a few lines of html code that can be inserted into your web site.

Advisor Assistance
Our iFrame is swiftly and economically implemented. You can also benefit from these features through our catalogue of micro services.

Enriching your IS
OWI is an ‘open engine’: your computing teams handle autonomously all your specific integration needs.

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