Voice, the favorite channel for customers…

In customer services, one might have expected that, in the midst of digital transformation, digital channels would dethrone voice. But despite the rise of emails, apps, SMS, chats, etc., voice remains the preferred channel for users.

Yet this channel is a source of strong dissatisfaction (waiting time too long, requests impossible to handle by the advisor who took the call…). And we observe that the advisors’ time is not used optimally, not allowing an optimal treatment of high value-added requests (commercial opportunities, risks of losing a customer, need for advice).

OWI.Voicebot allows you to significantly reduce your costs, differentiate your call processing, and assist your agents.

Automate or qualify inbound calls, and improve your customers’ experience :

  • Offer them 24/7 support that actually handles their calls
  • Eliminate their waiting time 
  • Simplify their access to information through the use of natural language
  • Fully automate a significant proportion of requests
  • Reduce the number of calls handled by your advisors and mobilize them on rewarding tasks
  • Thanks to machine learning and management dashboards, continuously improve the quality of your service

Offer the best technologies to your customers

OWI.Voicebot solution is based on OWI NLP, and adds the best voice processing solutions on the market, as well as a large number of connectors and user interfaces for quick and easy integration.

Thus, you can “plug” OWI into one of your customer service numbers or simply integrate it into your mobile application. And offer the best of voicebots to your customers.

OWI.Voicebot, features for all your use cases

Whatever your use case, OWI.Voicebot integrates all the necessary features:

  • Understanding the language of YOUR customers
  • Dialogue management
  • Voice processing
  • Analysis of attachments
  • Knowledge base
  • Business rule management
  • User interfaces and connectors with your applications
  • Machine learning
  • Supervision and management of continuous improvement
  • Multilingualism

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