Be part of the artificial intelligence market

Over 90% of companies are considering investing in artificial intelligence.*

The worldwide market is estimated to reach $53.2 billion by 2023. **

*IFS study, “Comment la productivité aide l’IA à passer d’un effet de mode à la réalité”
** Tractica Study

An Offer Designed for Partners


Project: Implement solutions that use the OWI engine and make them evolve. We bring you the support you need.

Recurring: Become a reseller of our licences, whose price is calculated based on volumes and features that are used.

briques projet réussite partenariat


OWI: Guarantees semantic reliability.

Partner: You integrate and use the solution. Together with your client and thanks to OWI indicators, you steer the solution’s quality and utility.


As part of our shared communications, we create press releases with you and organise partner events together.

We help you with pre-sales activities.

We organise passing on leads for those accounts where we can win together

equipe projet succès partenariat

To Start

Evaluate the Solution
Our web services are available for testing.
You have access to our API and industry package catalogue. (lien)
We also provide explainer videos.
Ask for a demonstration. (lien)

For Your Technical Teams
We are here to answer all of your questions.
You have all the documents you need to integrate the solution just as if it were a standard IT project.
One day of training is all that is required to master the techniques and use them with ease.

For Your Sales Teams
We come to pitch at your offices.
We help you during initial pre-sales activity, and we guarantee that you have exclusivity.
We show you our demonstrators so that your pre-sales team can make them their own.



Support us during pre-sales and our client puts you in charge of integration


Receive a commission on the turnover that you help us earn


Work autonomously and manage the sales relationship with the client

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