Product Manager
Have you met Nadjet? Nadjet is our R&D . Enthusiastic about her work, she tells us how she got to OWI and what she…
Devops Team
The DEVOPS Team has their say! Tigran, Jade and Josselin are on OWI’s DEVOPS team. They tell us what their experience has been like…
Sales Manager
Rémi talks about his experience at OWI Rémi Guillou, , just celebrated his 4th anniversary at OWI. He tells us about his background and…
Project Manager
GISELLE AND LANDRY, A DAZZLING DUO Giselle and Landry are both project managers and regularly work together on the same projects. They tell us…
Project Director
Revealing talents in digital transformation: Jessica and Marie-Victoire discuss their experience Jessica and Marie-Victoire, s at OWI, need the right skills to help our…
Banking chatbot dashboards
OWI’s contributions to the mail channel
Banking chatbot