The DEVOPS Team has their say!

Tigran, Jade and Josselin are on OWI’s DEVOPS team. They tell us what their experience has been like and how they work together.

With industrialisation comes ‘DEVOPS’. This little word is a contraction of two bigger words, ‘developers’ and ‘operational’, and has been used for several years in the programming world. A DEVOPS approach requires close collaboration between development and operations teams in order to create, test and roll out a solution quickly and effectively. Agility is key.


At OWI, it’s impossible to talk about Devops without introducing you to our team: Tigran is Operations Manager at OWI, and Jade and Josselin are R&D engineers, doing their DEV part.

Together, Tigran, Jade and Josselin share three objectives:

•Reduce the amount of time required before launching for clients
•Improve the management of launches and our solution’s stability
•Provide better service for users

To meet these objectives, they put into place Devops tools that help to assign and improve their work: GitLab, SonarQube, Jenkins, Nagios… They add to the list regularly!

Continuous development of OWI processes makes it possible to take our agility to our users.


Tigran has been working at OWI for two years. He started as a digital project manager, and joined a complex project that required an agile working method at every stage of development. ‘The project pushed me to move beyond my skills to find solutions,’ he remembers today. Since then, he has become Operations Manager and the guardian of rolling out and monitoring our solutions. ‘What I like most about the Devops approach is all the discussion and communication that takes place.’



Jade joined our teams in 2018 as an R&D engineer. She is working on the new version for installing OWI, which will only take a few clicks. ‘It’s a real challenge. And I need the whole team to make it work. Our discussions during R&D stand-up meetings are essential.’



Josselin is our latest addition! Freshly graduated from Epitech, he worked on the Devops approach for his final year’s thesis. At OWI, he manages the implementation of automatic tests. ‘I like working on automating processes and helping to contribute to improving productivity. I feel useful. With a Devopsapproach, results are virtually immediate. It’s motivating for the whole team.’


Our Devops approach improves with each new version. Our V5 includes a very ‘Devops’ feature: all tests will be automated and industrialised.