Giselle and Landry are both project managers and regularly work together on the same projects. They tell us how they arrived at OWI and what they do here.

Landry started in 2016. Before arriving at OWI…

‘After my high school diploma, I went to the Polytechnic School at the University of Kinshasa. In 2009, I decided to move to France, and I lived in Brittany where I got a master’s degree in electronics and telecommunications at the University of Western Brittany. I did a second master’s degree in management at IAE so that I could become a project manager. I was hired by EDF for some change management, and then I arrived at OWI. I really wanted to work in artificial intelligence; it really interests me! I’ve been at OWI for two years now.’

One year after Landry, Giselle joined the OWI team. She knows a lot about applying artificial intelligence to semantics:

‘I attended ISIT, a school with a university programme for translation and communication. I specialised in French, English and Spanish. I did my final work term and a short term contract at a company that provided automatic text generation. I discovered how to apply artificial intelligence to semantics, and I loved how the two topics collided. It’s why I decided to apply to OWI two years later. I was really seduced by the idea of configuring a new technology. I started my first project at OWI with Landry – about a year ago!’


Landry: ‘A project manager’s main role is to help the client in the digital transformation of their client relations process. On our team, we need to find out what our clients’ needs are and analyse them, identify specific features, configure the solution with business teams and create user guides. We also play an important advisory role for our clients.’

Giselle: ‘On a day-to-day basis, we manage semantics projects. Our clients have messages (emails, telephone conversations or other interactions) and our objective is to use the content of these messages to make their life easier.’

What do you like at OWI? What motivates you?

Giselle: ‘The challenge! Technology is, by definition, meant to evolve. It needs to be tested constantly to make it better. When you’ve spent hours testing, configuring, correcting bugs and you see that what you originally imagined finally works, it’s the best! It really feels like we’ve outdone ourselves. Apart from that, I really like the team at OWI. We’re a human size, and we’re from all kinds of different cultures. Working with people from different places means that we all have to adapt, and see things through a wider lens, both professionally and personally.’

Landry: ‘OWI is really like a family. I’ve met so many great people and have come such a long way in the time I’ve been here. Like Gisèle says, we have to change professionally and personally, and it’s always positive. With my adventurous spirit, I can tell you that the journey hasn’t disappointed. Here, you have to want to go further, you have to like challenges, and you end up realising that in a short space of time you’ve developed new skills. I, for example, didn’t know MySQL, and learned it here!’

Giselle: ‘It’s true! I knew nothing about the banking and insurance sector. That didn’t prevent me from working for our key accounts, who have also taught me a lot.’