Have you met Nadjet?

Nadjet is our R&D Product Manager.

Enthusiastic about her work, she tells us how she got to OWI and what she does here

Nadjet, what did you do before arriving at OWI?

I got my high school diploma in Algeria when I was 16 years old, and then I studied to be a computer scientist. At 21, I decided to move to France to do a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Paris at Orsay. Then I moved to a computer science school called Supélec to write my thesis. I also taught computer programming and modelling there for three years. In 2011, I started working for OWI as an R&D engineer. My skills have grown and I’ve moved from backend to full stack. Today, I’m the R&D Product Manager and I manage engineers in our R&D service.

Can you tell us what you do – without too many technical terms?

As the R&D Product Manager, I have to create on my own or steer the design and development of our solutions. I manage engineers, and I am also highly involved in development. I like working on something that is tangible. It’s essential to continue coding to be able to fully master our products.

What do you like at OWI? What motivates you?

Before being a company, OWI has always been a vision, that of the two founders to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to client relations. What energises me is the belief in our technology. It’s different. It’s rich, and makes us work with very different tools and computing languages. Right now we’re using Angular, micro services, Elastic Search, etc. I like being here to make our technology accessible and useful for our clients. I also really like the human aspect, and the great work environment that we have at OWI. We’re like a family. A family with a few snags and some hurdles, but everything is real here. There’s no hypocrisy. I discovered what it’s like to go beyond myself: at OWI I found out I have skills that I wasn’t even aware of, and I developed others! The trust the founders place in us makes it possible to follow our passion and develop skill sets that we didn’t have when we got here.



Seven years is nothing! I’m still having fun and progressing. I’ve been lucky to take part in OWI’s development and growth – it’s an amazing adventure. I knew OWI when it didn’t have any clients, I was here for our first victories, I’ve come through rough times and challenges. Today, we’re finishing our industrialisation phase, and I’m excited by our next goal: selling internationally!