Service quality, reducing costs, detecting risks and opportunities, mobilising internal skills on high added value tasks: customer relations is a major topic in large companies.

OWI proposes a solution and services that are perfectly adapted to financial services:

• Packaged use cases for risk-free and fast projects

• An easily integrated and multichannel platform, to progressively bring AI into your processes


Get Assistance and Handle your Emails Intelligently

More and more frequently, your customers contact you on email. And yet your service quality is falling and your organisation could be more effective. OWI.Mail is your assistant for:

•Automatically analysing emails and attached file content
•Automating responses to simple requests
•Identifying suitable advisors and preparing useful information
•Supervising activity and providing quality indicators


Provide Online Service to Your Customers, Assistance to your Advisors

Your customers need services that are easy to use and always available. You need to focus your internal skills on tasks with higher added value.

OWI.Chatbot provides:

•Help and advice online
•Filtering and automatic treatment of queries without added value
•Detection of risks and opportunities, and contacting the right expertise
•Assistance to your advisors
•Automatic feed to your applications


Harness the Data Hidden in Messages

Whether you need to illustrate the occasional study, constantly supervise the quality of your customer relations or feed your ‘big data’ developments, OWI.Analytics is the solution for:

•Capturing all flows in the customer relationship (telephone, emails, surveys, social media…)
•Identifying the reasons behind queries, pain points, areas of improvement
•Deeply analysing a specific topic
•Providing indicators that can be integrated into all your dashboards


OWI: An ensemble of technology so that your I.S understands your customers. 

OWI provides three types of technology and three key differences.

Technology :
• The most powerful semantic engine on the market
• A rule engine that harnesses all data so that your IS can leverage it
• Machine learning that is connected to your advisors and customers

Differences :
• 95% reliability, making complete automation possible
• Customised and simple integration, thanks to our catalogue of connectors
• Business teams handle all administration and evolution