As part of its overall digital transformation, a major player in the banking sector entrusted the redevelopment of its secure messaging system to ATOS WORLDLINE. The bank wanted to implement an AI solution to optimise their advisors’ operational efficiency. Aware of the importance of their choice, they decided to experiment with all recognised AI solutions on the market

Key figures

10 M
emails each year
competitors at the time of the tender for offer


  • Improve writing quality and guarantee consistency in answers
  • Facilitate advisors’ adoption of the digital tools


• 89% reliability for OWI compared to 64% for one of our main competitors

• Stakeholders supported OWI’s approach and solution


OWI.Mail: Solution was launched six months after starting the project.

Administrators were trained with all skills to run the solution.

ATOS Worldline integrated as part of a highly secure solution.


  • Semi-automated answers proposed for 20% of all emails
  • 70% coverage for answer assistance
  • First AI solution rolled out throughout the network

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