A telecoms operator was under strong pressure to control its costs. The number of emails it was receiving was constantly growing, and it was becoming essential to optimise customer advisors’ response time.

Key figures

emails per year, with attached documents
advisors split between two handling sites, companies and consumers
rules necessary to determine who was sending the email, its content, the offer in question and which group needed to handle the email


  • Reduce the time required to respond to emails and prioritise the most important
  • Automate as much as possible to reduce costs
  • Master all rules for handling email and letters


• A solution that can read attached documents

• Assistance to advisors for responding

• Semantic reliability making automation real


Client Relations Diagnostic in order to determine the project’s perimeter and its return on investment.

Project implementation: 3 months for the technical project, 3 months for the business team project


  • All incoming email and letters from consumers, professionals and companies handled
  • Automated indexing for 90% of all email received
  • Full automation for 25% of correspondence

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