When handling supplier email, automate low added-value and time-consuming tasks.

Key figures

65 %
of emails have attachments to open
20 %
of emails not part of proposed handling solution
10 %
of emails have simple requests


The accounting service for suppliers for a large public services company was receiving a large amount of incoming email.

With no way of analysing the content, accountants had to open and look at each email and its attachments – mainly invoices – before being able to allocate and deal with it. It was time consuming for the organisation, and also leading to deteriorating relations with suppliers.

Furthermore, despite growth in the company’s activity, particular attention was being paid to structural costs.

Why OWI ?

The features in OWI.Mail make it possible to resolve all of the email difficulties the company was experiencing: automatic routing, answer assistance, automated answers, connection to third-party solutions.

OWI suggested trying an experimentation approach – the Client Relation Diagnostic. The organisation was able to decide for itself about the real optimisation possibilities for supplier relations. OWI presented options on how to easily test the solution within a first, pilot perimeter.

OWI’s solution was rolled out directly in the company’s infrastructures and connected to accounting data sources to be able to provide the automation.

Project stages

•Client Relation Diagnostic to frame the project and validate possible optimisations
•Pilot project to confirm the use of the solution on real cases
•Progressively and generally rolled out across the entire organisation

Benefits :

OWI.Mail was rolled out across the client’s infrastructures: it reads attachments, consults the IS to automatically produce invoice statements, analyses emails to prioritise and automatically route them and provides answer assistance for incoming and outgoing email. OWI also supplied a follow-up table to monitor email activity.


40 %
of time saved in handling email
56 %
of invoice statements automatically produced
30 %
of dynamic improvement in routing


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