Choose an IA that already knows your business context

Hundreds of millions of messages from YOUR customers have shaped our technology. We have organized these apprenticeships into vertical professions (example: property and casualty claims, complementary health insurance, retail banking, etc.). For each of your use cases: you choose your languages ​​and your business domain, and 80% of your needs are already covered. Our AI will learn the remaining 20% ​​in a few weeks.

Thereafter, with total protection of your data, you will then benefit from OWI collaborative learning

Ready-to-use packages for all areas of customer relations

We provide you with a catalog of packages that brings together the essentials of your needs. Some formulas are “business” oriented, others are more “transversal” and adapt to all sectors of customer relations. You can choose all the packages you need for free.

Package examples :

Retail banking

  • Daily banking
  • Consumer credit
  • Real estate loans
  • Succession
  • Savings and investment

Complete these business packages with your data

With OWI, you’re free to complete our packages with your own data.

You’ll be free to modify them using your specific data.

The packages are not fixed : they constitute a solid configuration base, that you can refine according to your context.

Constantly enriched business packages

Thanks to our learning transfer technology, the packages are constantly enriched. Indeed, the constant learning that takes place with our various customers produces new concepts that complement our packages.

Your data will always be protected
OWI undertakes never to use your data. We share the results of your learning, but never the original data.


CHOose a business package and try

The catalog of our packages is online

It’s up to you to test, some of our packages are available online