Zero risk and zero wasted time

We’ve invested seriously to bring you easy-to-understand Artificial Intelligence; and easy to verify that benefits are obtained at each step.

To avoid any risk on your part, take this : 5 minutes for a first test, and 10 more for an overall measurement of your business case (free).


Qualify YOUR solution

-Do you want a guaranted ROI of more than 30 %, obtained in a few weeks ?

-Is it more crucial for you to achieve optimal integration into your processes ?

In both cases, qualify YOUR project and get YOUR ROI (20 minutes to 1 hour with the assistance of an expert)



Our vertical packages are free and will remain so

Hundreds of millions of messages from YOUR customers have been analyzed to train our technology.

We’ve organized these trainings in vertical packages (for example : insurance claim management, health insurance, retail banking, …) For each business case : you choose your language and your vertical package, and 80% of your needs are already covered.

Our AI will learn the remaining 20% in a few weeks.

Thereafter, with total protection of your data, you will benefit from OWI collaborative learning.

1 month : much more than a PoC

If you wish, we support you so that you can benefit from all the deliverables useful for your decisions :

  • Performance measurement
    – Mockup of the solution
    – Cartography of the requests, with statistics
    – Accurate business case
    – Technical integration specifications
    – Planning and organisation of the project

Use our solution for free until it goes live.
Our experts and partners are here to provide the support you need.

Maximum flexibility or increased skills, the choice is yours

Business analyst, data scientist, developer: we have prepared your specific journey.

Ready to use support
Ours partners and ours teams take charge of your project and operate the solution.

Our « Open Source » website provides all the ressources and tutos online. You become quickly autonomous : to run the solution, and set upt new use cases.
Ours experts are there for training and support.